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Specialized Service Categories:

Lotus Notes Business Partner Services:

  • Analyze business processes and rapidly implement messaging and workflow solutions for compound document architectures including text, images, file attachments, audio and video.
  • Implement and integrate Lotus Notes solutions with legacy systems such as SAP's R/3, CICS, IMS, Oracle, Informix and DB2.
  • Provide system configuration and administration for geographically distributed Notes client-server applications and Lotus Domino based Web servers.
Demonstrated technical expertise in the following technologies:
  • Clients - Lotus Notes, Lotus Notes Mail, Lotus Notes Desktop;
  • Servers - Lotus Domino Single/Multiple Processor, Advanced Services;
  • Application Frameworks - Domino.merchant, Domino.connect, Domino.action, Domino.broadcast;
  • Messaging/Internet - Lotus cc:Mail, Lotus Domino, Weblicator;
  • Applications - Lotus Components, Lotus Organizer, Lotus Approach;
  • Legacy System Interface - NotesPump;
  • Development/Tools - Notes HiTest, Notes Reporter, NotesView, VideoNotes, RealTime Notes, LN:DI.

Microsoft Solutions Provider Services:

  • Implement and integrate solutions for business with Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95 clients and Windows NT workstation and servers, Exchange and Internet Information Servers (IIS).
  • Implement Microsoft Access databases with SQL interfaces.
  • Provide system configuration and administration for geographically distributed Windows and Windows NT client-server applications and IIS based Web servers.
Demonstrated technical expertise in the following technologies:
  • Microsoft Office: Access, Excel, FrontPage, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Schedule+, Word, Publisher, Team Manager;
  • Microsoft BackOffice: BackOffice, BackOffice Live, Proxy Server, Site Server, SNA Server, SQL Server, Systems Management Server, Transaction Server, Exchange Server, Windows NT Server (Internet Information Server, Index Server, FrontPage, NetShow);
  • Visual Tools: Visual Basic, Jscript, Visual C++, Visual InterDev, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Visual J++;
  • GUI: Windows For Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows CE, Windows NT Workstation, Windows NT Server;
  • Internet: Internet Explorer, FrontPage, NetMeeting, NetShow.

Oracle Client-Server Services:

  • Implement client-server enterprise software solutions for business using Oracle servers and applications.
  • Integrate Oracle solutions with legacy systems such as SAP's R/3, CICS, IMS, Lotus Notes, Informix and DB2.
  • Provide system and application configuration and administration for geographically distributed client-server Oracle applications using Oracle Webserver.
Demonstrated technical expertise in the following technologies:
  • Oracle7 Server, Oracle Express/ Administrator/ Objects/ Analyzer, SQL*Net, Oracle Network Manager, Oracle Webserver, Web Listener, Web Request Broker Software Developer's Toolkit, Developer/2000 forms and reports, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Application Object Library, Oracle Financials, Oracle Manufacturing.

Network Services:

  • Provide assistance in all aspects of network management from network design through implementation and maintenance or upgrading existing networks.
  • Analyze, design, specify, document and implement communications systems requirements to support the distributed functionality of a software engineering environment.
  • Implement NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, SLIP and PPP network protocols in peer to peer and client-server Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN).
  • Setup and maintain POTS, ISDN, leased line and satellite networks.

Millennium Conversion Services:

  • Use software tools, surveys, interviews and inspections to collect data related to client's information technology environment and systems.
  • Plan the conversion strategy, monitor plan execution and assist in converting applications to process dates after the year 2000.

Security Services:

  • Formulate and assess security policy.
  • Prepare security plans to implement an enterprise-wide security architecture.
  • Assess and audit network, data, and application security mechanisms.
  • Perform network penetration testing, anti-virus planning/assistance, risk analysis and incident response.
  • Provide security engineering support for application development including system security certifications and product evaluations.
  • Develop, design and implement Internet-based security solutions, to include designing and implementing firewalls, web server evaluations, reviewing and testing code for security purposes.

Image Systems Services:

  • Provide technical expertise for the installation, configuration and customization of imaging technologies.
  • Evaluate and select the appropriate technologies and solutions based on customer requirements including hardware (scanners, monitors, printers, image storage e.g. optical libraries) and software (image library system, workflow systems/subsystem facsimile support etc.).
  • Evaluate methodologies and perform the integration of imaging systems with legacy applications.

Application Development Service Categories:

Project Management:

  • Plan, coordinate and manage all aspects of complex information technology projects.
  • Prepare and present status on project schedule, project costs, project deliverables, project risks and risk containment strategies.

Systems and Management Engineering:

  • Assess IT system statement of objectives and concept of operations.
  • Identify and define top level systems requirements.
  • Prepare high level operational architecture and systems architecture in terms of hardware, software, database and telecommunications components and the Common Operating Environment (COE).
  • Define "as is" and "to be" models of business processes, perform process hierarchy analysis and process improvement analysis and create process dependency diagrams and build business cases and process descriptions.
  • Perform functional requirements analysis and prepare requirements documents.
  • Analyze and recommend commercially available hardware and software capable of meeting systems requirements.
  • Perform system engineering technical trade-off studies and economic analyses.
  • Apply activity based costing and management to control the infrastructure baseline.
  • Define detailed system architectures and define detailed system requirements, define interfaces, design and test specifications, perform systems engineering and systems management processes.
  • Assist Government program offices, disseminate acquisition reform information, guide acquisition reform initiatives and monitor acquisition reform activities during solicitation support tasks.
  • Develop customer service-level-agreements.
  • Perform enterprise modeling, simulation and system capacity planning.
  • Provide security and disaster recovery planning.
  • Guide system development and implementation planning through assessment and preparation of systems engineering management plans and system integration and test plans.
  • Guide the Implementation of the COE and certify compliance with Defense Integrated Infrastructure (DII).

Database Planning and Design:

  • Evaluate, select and configure DBMS products to match user requirements with systems capabilities.
  • Perform data identification, standardization and define detailed database design, conceptual, logical and physical data models and data flow diagrams.
  • Develop database specifications defining file organization, indexing methods, and security procedures for system databases.
  • Plan and coordinate conversion and migration of legacy databases to new DBMS.

Systems Analysis and Design:

  • Analyze user requirements, concept of operations and high level system architecture.
  • Utilize requirements, system design, database and test specifications to develop system program specifications and module test plans.
  • Programming: Code, module test and integration test software based upon program and test specifications.
  • Ensure that developed code is modifiable, efficient, reliable, understandable and fault tolerant.
  • Provide software process management and control throughout the code development process.

Test and Integration:

  • Develop test plans, create test data, build test descriptions and perform functional and user testing.

Data Conversion Support:

  • Develop detailed data conversion plans defining the legacy data conversion process, constraints and schedule.
  • Utilize data conversion tools in conjunction with manual refinement to convert system data.

Training Support:

  • Performing training surveys, develop training plans, construct training materials and conduct user training on software application modifications and new functions.

Systems Installation:

  • Perform site surveys, install, test and validate hardware, communications equipment/software as specified by installation standards, manufacturer's guidance, and safety codes.
  • Install software applications, perform system readiness checkout and load application databases.

Implementation Support:

  • Provide general assistance in all aspects of the development and implementation process.
  • Assist in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and evaluating ongoing project work.
  • Assist in developing management plans and preparing management cost performance reports.

Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) Services:

  • Verify and validate the products and performance of a third party development effort.
  • Evaluate software and associated documents for compliance with specified requirements, and test results for adherence to test plans.
  • Evaluate the products of a given software development activity to determine correctness and consistency with respect to the products and standards provided as input to that activity.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations on solutions to problems associated with development efforts.

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